We Take Action

Celebrating Diversity


CMFC organized and hosted an educational and delicious Syrian tasting dinner for our members. It was an evening of learning through food and experience a cultural that is full of tradition and depth. CMFC will continue to support all culturals and ethnicities that make our community a truly wonderful place. Taking the time to explore each other's backgrounds makes us all more connected.

Supporting Children and Education


CMFC is a proud supporter of BlinkNow and the children of Nepal.  Their mission closely aligns to CMFC, in that, we to believe that, "You can change the world by empowering ... Children."

“If we all had the attitude that we can do anything, that we can be anything, if we follow our dreams and our hearts…we can change the world.” - Maggie Doyne (BlinkNow Founder)

Spreading a Message of Peace


Members work hard each and everyday to help spread a message of peace and inclusivity. From attending PTO meetings, Council meetings, our members speak up to demand that those in power recognize all members of our community. We will continue to work toward being a Community the represents all.

Marching Together for a Greater Cause


CMFC has organized several groups that have March locally, in NYC and in DC. Our members have gathered to March for Women, support Gun Control and to fight against ICE and Detention Centers. We have made signs, held hands and raised our voices. We will continue pound the pavement and organize our movement forward. 

Spearheading Politics and Social Media


CMFC held the first ever LIVE Facebook Town Hall for US Congressional Candidate Mikie Sherrill. CMFC provided the community with a social media/twitter seminar to help them engage in a meaningful way. CMFC will continue to use social media to support political candidates, spread our mission and connect our community.

Standing up for our Community and Education


CMFC has made it a part of our mission to be a constant presence at our Communities Town and Borough meetings. From Board of Education, Enviroment Committiee, Planning Board, City Council etc. We have become the voice of our members. We educate ourselves on the issues and make it a point to speak up for those who can not be there.

Grassroots Partnerships


CMFC partners with other local grassroots organizations to help families in and beyond NJ. From Diaper Drives, to Book Collections, to Clothing and School Supplies. CMFC feels it is our duty continue to help others in times of need.

Educating Youth About World Cultures


A CMFC Member created a multi-level program geared toward children to showcase the diversity of The Chathams through a fun, hands on learning experience. Participants "traveled" around the world each session, learning about different cultures each time. CFMC members help facilitate, teach and create the curriculum used. We are hopeful this programs with continue.

Empowering our Members


CMFC prides itself on providing a platform to our members that gives them a place to shine. CMFC is an organization that you can count on to help you in a time of need, to spread your message of hope, help you with that extra support you need to take the next leap into serving your community, and most of all we are here to, "Be the change we wish to see on the world."~Ghandi

You Too Can Take Action


Community Engagement

CMFC needs support in helping engage our community in areas of cultural diversity, environmental protection, gun law reform, access to education for our youth. It is our hope to create a culture here in The Chathams, where all ideas are welcome and embraced. Where change and progress is encouraged.

Supporting Local Candidates

CMFC has helped inspire and empower women to run for for office. It is now our responsibility to continue to support them in their bid for office. CMFC needs help in doing just that! It will take all of us to help them succeed, as we continue to turn The Chathams "blue" and lift up our fellow females. We need help in getting out the vote, canvassing, postcard writing and petition signing. It's the boots on the ground that make the biggest difference.

CMFC will be here for any person who is looking to explore a bid for political office. We will educate, facilitate and help you every step of the way. We will be your support system!

Attending Township/Borough Council Meetings

CFMC has seen first hand how important it is to be present at our local meetings. Whether they be the Township Committee, Borough Council, or Board of Education. We know attending the Planning Board, Enviromental Committee and other local sub-committee meetings, makes an impact. CMFC has made it our mission to have a group be a presences with a shared voice and goal. We help educate the members attending the meetings and give them the support they need to feel confident to speak for what is important to them. We need people who can help us be heard.

Education and Training

CFMC is constantly looking for ways to educate ourselves and our members. The importance of staying current on local,  state and federal politics is apparent in it's ever changing landscape. The more we understand about the issues and the policies, the more we can affect change! 

CMFC has held several trainings in the past and is always looking to our members talents and expertise to provide more. From "How to use Social Media Effectively" and "What is a Bill." To "How to Run for Office" and "How to Become a Canvasser."  

Expanding Our Reach

CMFC prides ourselves on being ever-evolving and open to change. We want our members to bring to the organization issues that are important to them. We will continue to grow and expand our reach beyond Chatham and hopeful inspire others around us to become a part of something bigger then them.